Publication Credits

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— “Panic (Phase One)” – Voices de la Luna (2020)
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— “Mantra” – New England Writers’ Network (2005)
— “The Estate” – Nomad’s Choir (2005)
— “Skiing with My Father” – Confrontation (2002)


Normal War

by Gwenn A. Nusbaum

“In this sunlit, spirited debut chapbook, Gwenn Nusbaum combines her psychoanalyst’s savvy and her poet’s instincts. ‘Love is not orderly,’ she writes, ‘No one its prodigy.’ Her goals as a poet—to be lucid, to be candid, and to adhere to the value of dreams—are achieved again and again as she explores the Normal War that is the condition of our contemporary life. Tensions between feeling and thought, inhibition and desire, romantic attachment and the solo journey find illumination through her lens. Of our conflicts, she makes an art.”

— Molly Peacock, author of The Paper Garden: Mrs. Delany Begins Her Life’s Work At 72

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