I think of her during
the colony’s collapse—
loyal, responsible, confused,
steadfast in her hive—
after her drones exit,
leaving her with little bees
unable to ask:

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
Where are you now?
Being a queen,

she seals the comb,
the hive weeping





Poet’s Statement:

I have been privileged with pursuing my life calling and helping patients for over 30 years in my East Village psychoanalytic private practice, as well as teaching other professionals. I find creative opportunity both in working with patients and in writing. Helping one find her or his authentic voice through articulation and expression presents many challenges as well as an opportunity for form, meaning and ultimately—personal freedom. I am deeply grateful for my friendships with my beloved late poetry mother, Colette Inez, generous sage guide, Molly Peacock, and astute reader of my poetry, Dean Kostos.