WordPaint® Life Coaching

WordPaint® Coaching & Mentoring evolved in 2020 as I worked virtually with clients requiring specific ways of dealing with the pandemic, as well as expanding their coping skills. The name was derived from the goal of helping clients express and indeed paint with words–their vision of what they wanted to achieve in the fullest sense, facilitating their capacity to explore possibilities and optimal ways forward. WordPaint® also stems from  extensive work with writers and artists vis-a-vis my private practice, as well as my personal connections as a poet and writer.

The approach I use is two-fold: It allows for both process-driven and practice-oriented dialogues. There is room to sensitively explore one’s life narrative and patterns, while also keeping a practical eye on how to move forward and tolerate change.  Collaboration is key as is opening up thinking about how to progress in an achievable and sustainable way.

Life is complex and challenging. We are “large and contain multitudes” as Walt Whitman observes. Hence, I am cued into the blindspots that may offset clear decision-making. My hope is to listen well, articulate a clear understanding of what I hear my clients are saying, and empower them to forge a direction consistent with who they are and wish to be.

WordPaint® Life Coaching Sessions Offer:

Focus on relationship-building including communication.

Focus on performance including setting goals and productivity.

Focus on balancing self-care with caring for others, improving boundary-setting.

Guideposts on how to resolve questions about life changes and transitions.

Support on life transitions involving loss, grief, and a need for new beginings.

Attention to stressors and distractions in order to heighten focus.

Objective feedback about business development and leadership.

Work with couples and friendships around conflict and stress.

Focus on managing stress and distractions to heighten well-being.

Attention to mindfulness with the intent to connect mind, body, and feeling states.