Facilitating Self Growth & Life Passages

WordPaint® Life Coaching sessions offer clients an opportunity for continuing education, helping people deal with everyday struggles as well as more troubling ones. Throughout our life cycle, opportunities for setbacks as well as resolutions, are present. WordPaint® Life Coaching offers a confidential, supportive, and objective space in which to identify blindspots and increase a growing edge in making decisions with greater clarity, improved communication, and confidence.

WordPaint® Life Coaching Sessions May Include:

Guideposts on how to resolve questions about life changes and transitions.

Support on life transitions involving loss, grief, and a need for new beginings.

Focus on balancing self-care with caring for others, improving boundary-setting.

Focus on relationship-building including communication.

Addressing stressors to improve relationships for partners or friends.

Attention to stressors and distractions in order to heighten focus.

Focus on managing stress and distractions to heighten well-being.

Focus on performance including setting goals and productivity.

Strategizing about business development, entrepreneurial endeavors, and leadership.

Increasing mindfulness about mental, emotional, and physical fitness.