For Every Day And Beyond

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”  Carl Rogers

In the process of discovery about oneself, relationships, and other personal challenges, teaming up can add enormous value and confidence in working through conflictual questions and emotional concerns. I offer clients (individuals and couples) an opportunity for “continuing education,” helping them deal with everyday struggles as well as more intensive ones. I provide a safe space in which to identify blind spots, in order to heighten your growing edge in making decisions with greater clarity, better communication, and increased well-being, leading to more success around relationships, results, and sense of living up to your potential.

Individually-Tailored And May Include:

Support during crises, transitions, and loss including next steps.

Developing boundary-setting, assertiveness, and leadership skills.

Enhancing increased internal awareness and improved communication with others.

Managing stress, conflict, and distractions in order to be more present and healthy.

Working on tasks with time-lines, focusing on accountability and success.

Coaching is not a substitute for necessary medical or mental health care. It is not used to diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders. It is not and cannot be psychotherapy, counseling, or healthcare service.