Facilitating Creative Work & Confidence

“Art isn’t easy,” Stephen Sondheim writes (“Putting It Together” lyrics, Sunday in the Park with George). It takes faith, courage, and commitment to make art, as well as the capacity to set realistic goals and effective boundaries around resources including time, energy, and finances. It is equally important to feel someone is in your corner as creating often requires solitude and may very well be lonely.

As a committed writer and published poet as well as an Accredited Senior Coach and Mentor, I provide supportive objectivity and compassionate conscious-raising with creators to facilitate their movement forward, incorporating depth-oriented work and practical guideposts along with an integrated wholistic approach. Let’s map out your dreams as well as strategies to help you get there!

Possible Creativity & Mentoring Directions:

Support and feedback for writers and artists at all stages of the creative process.

A safe space to discuss vulnerable feelings and work through blocks.

Exploration of fear of failing as well as fear of success and exposure.

Attention to self-care, identifying and setting boundaries constructively.

Accountability via mapping out achievable goals synched with project time-lines.

Coaching is not a substitute for necessary medical or mental health care. It is not used to diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders. It is not and cannot be psychotherapy, counseling, or healthcare service.