Mentoring for Writers & Artists

My role as Mentor is to team up with the writer/artist and offer support and guidance along the way, optimally nurturing the project at hand. I understand it takes courage to create in addition to motivation and discipline. Hopes, fears, and distractions must be addressed.

As creative individuals, we must protect our time, energy, and solitude. Creative practice requires honing and I have found, builds from seemingly small steps  (imperfectly) maintained by integrating intentional changes to our habits, paced over time.

My stance is also to inspire with realistic hope and guidance, facilitating discussion both of process and project in a way that is intended to foster positive development personally and creatively. These sessions are designed to advance the creator and the creation!

WordPaint® Mentoring Sessions Offer:

Support for creators throughout active and/or more quiet periods; work with blocks or fears.

Facilitation of artistic goals, synced with submission/production/ performance dates.

An opportunity to deal with concerns about rejection, competition, and feelings of adequacy.

Strategies enhancing self-care to help reduce stress and distraction, boosting boundary-setting.

Confidential and safe space to address fears around expressing vulnerable subjects or secrets.