From the Inside Out

Self-Care Dialogues for Women

It has been an honor to engage in a myriad of dialogues with women at all stages of life and awareness, allying myself with their efforts to express diverse narratives, reaching with conviction to transform struggles into meaning, change, and indeed self-compassion. Significant cultural and political shifts have intensified decision-making challenges as well as opened up possibilities, adding to the already dynamic nature of choosing effectively. Whether you are reflecting on past decisions or those yet to be made, here are a few themes that may be of interest in considering the path taken as well as the one yet to explore:

Coaching Themes May Include:

Negotiating the balance between being present for your own care, and caring for others.

Engaging with your body as an agent of change, power, and self-care; setting boundaries mindfully.

Stage of life issues such as whether to have a baby or change the course of a relationship or career.

Dealing with loss or grief related to choices made or not made, exploring how to possibly pivot.

Sometimes being yourself is the radical act.

–  Elaine Welteroth