On Deciding

Empowerment Dialogues For Women

Sometimes Just Being Yourself Is The Radical Act.

– Elaine Welteroth

Choices Made? Yet to be implemented?

Over the years, I’ve engaged extensively with helping women understand and express the narratives of their lives– childhood secrets and traumas, losses of parents and significant figures, parental longings and regrets, questions about sexuality, transitions in relationship status,  ambition, sexism, racism, fears of being alone, creative drives and blocks, mortality, plus so much more. Indeed, the plethora of seismic shifts socially, culturally, and politically during the decades of my work–and noteably during these unprecedented times–have catalyzed issues, conflicts, possibilities, and decision-making challenges adding to the dynamic nature of choosing well for oneself, if not for others, too.

Here are a few general themes that may be of interest as you forge ahead with life, goals, and the path taken as well as potentially yet to be experienced:

In Collaboration With You

Coaching Dialogues To Address:

Negotiating the balance between being present for your own care, and caring for others.

Individuality versus conformity including claiming your identity (gender, sexuality) and setting boundaries.

Stage of life issues such as whether to have a baby or change the course of a relationship or career.

Feelings of loss and grief related to choices made and the path not taken, as well as ways to creatively pivot.

Empower is a verb!