WordPaint® Coaching & Consulting

My goal is to explore what keeps you from developing your creative self and advancing your dreams.  I will help you identify and build on strengths, work through challenges and self-defeating pitfalls, and engage more productively with your objectives.  My understanding of the unconscious process also allows me to suggest possible contributors to problems around procrastination as well as fear of success and/or failure

Forty years of professional work as a relational psychotherapist and now as a creativity coach has enabled me to see how important it is to think out of the box where creation is concerned, in order to capitalize on paths towards change as well as advancement of projects. I understand that both creatives and those who do not specifically identify as being creative, have parts of themselves they wish to tap into, actualize, grow.

Let’s think out of the box together, and move your vision along!

In Collaboration With Your Goals

WordPaint® Coaching Offers:

Attention to factors blocking productivity & success.

Psychological eye to motivation & sustainability.

Interactive feedback & guideposts.

"Homework" synched with timelines.

Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.