Coaching For Work

Imperfection is not our personal problem–it is a natural part of existing.

– Tara Brach

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.

– James Joyce


Cultivate Your Growing!

Whether you work alone or with others, time and business management along with establishing a work-life balance, is often elusive if not indeed chaotic! Our capacity to be strategic mentally, emotionally, and physically may be taxed amid the muddle of trying to figure things out in accordance with the demands of time.

Checking in with a professional who can both function as part of your team, yet maintain objectivity, is an asset to the good fight of trying to live a more productive and meaningful life.

Within your “me-time” space, WordPaint® coaching sessions provide an opportunity to address stressors and patterns that may offset effective responsivity in how you work, as well as offer ways to more optimally relate with others. 

In Collaboration With You

WordPaint® Coaching Sessions Offer:

Optimized support to open up thinking about problem-solving and managing stressors.

An educated eye towards identifying blindspots, fears, and roadblocks to change and moving forward.

Practical guideposts related to dealing more proactively rather than staying stuck with indecision or inaction.

Strategies emphasizing self-care to help reduce stress and distraction in accordance with time-sensitive tasks/events.

Arising often from a single idea, progress builds from seemingly small steps. Balance tends to be maintained by integrating intentional changes, paced over time.