Gwenn Nusbaum’s earliest aspirations focused on both helping people and writing. For over 35 years, she has been privileged to serve many people as a licensed clinical social worker and psychoanalyst in private practice in the East Village of Manhattan, as well as pioneered in 1990 therapy groups for women with histories of childhood sexual abuse. Her papers have been published in this area of specialty and she presented an original work on trauma internationally in 2012.  Gwenn has also taught and led workshops for other professionals as well as worked extensively with writers, artists, and actors around a variety of issues including creative barriers and ambitions. While Gwenn has been writing poetry since her teens, her pursuit of writing forged another dimension once her private practice was established. For over twenty-five years, she has been attending writing workshops and engaged in both on-going mentoring and friendship with the late esteemed Colette Inez. Gwenn’s poems have received Honorable Mention and a Pushcart Nomination. She is proud to have performed her poetry at the United Nations on behalf of the humanitarian 2010 relief effort for victims of the Haiti earthquake. Among other affiliations, she is a member of the Academy of American Poets and National Association of Poetry Therapists.  She received her certificate as an Amherst Writers and Artists workshop leader in 2014 with hopes of bringing this unique and non-hierarchal way of writing and reading one’s work, to others.

"No gift greater than ecstasy, unless it's patience."

—Mary Oliver