Gwenn A. Nusbaum, L.C.S.W. , B.C.D.

Personal Statement

Ever since I was young, I felt that it was my life’s calling to help others. I chose the path of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to do just that. Over the past four decades, I had the privilege of working with other professionals, led workshops, and built cohesive therapeutic bonds with patients, that I value greatly. I have expanded the realm of my work to incorporate WordPaintsm, a coaching service that is optimal for writers, artists, and anyone drawn to art-making and project development. Being a committed and published writer myself, I understand and appreciate the challenges of getting the work done.

Combining my four decades of clinical work as a psychoanalyst and my creative side as a writer, enables me to offer other art-makers a psychologically-attuned, affirmative and focused approach to honoring yourself and creative goals.

I would like to help you identify and gain more mastery of what may stop or limit your progression forward as a writer, artist, or person struggling with expressing your creative self, completing your vision, and getting it into the world, if this indeed is what you wish to do.

Credentials, Education & Affiliations

New York and New Jersey State Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Board Certified Diplomate

Clinical Social Work

Master of Social Work

New York University

B.A. in Psychology

Hofstra University


Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)


Eating Disorders, Compulsions and Addictions


Group Therapy


Spiritually-Informed Psychotherapies

Senior Faculty

Group Training Program of the Post-Graduate Psychonanalytic Society, Manhattan, NY


Park Avenue Relationship Consultants, Manhattan, NY

Creative Coaching Association

Amherst Writers and Artists Certified Workshop Leader

National Association of Poetry Therapy

Academy of American Poets

Board of Trustees

Walt Whitman Birthplace Association